• Big thinking

    Our team is talented and smart, and we bring all of our insight and experience to the table. We have helped hundreds of organizations develop clear objectives, then crystallize those goals into tactical marketing, communications and sales support programs.

  • Customer and community relations

    We understand the value of communicating directly with your all of your constituents – your local community, your customers and those who influence your world.

  • Brand building

    We’re experienced at telling the stories that make yourbrand stand out. All of our tactics – taglines, positioning statements, advertisements, websites, sell sheets, philanthropy and editorial coverage – are designed to support the attributes of your brand.

  • Issues management

    We use the instincts and smarts developed over the years to crystallize your views on an issue, then implement a plan for making your voice heard. Our experience includes work with consumer advocacy groups, government agencies and market influencers.

  • Media relations

    We’ve worked hard to maintain the respect and trust of the news media. We don’t believe in sending out “no news” press releases to the whole world. We actually take the time to make sure a writer’s interests dovetail with the news we’re releasing, and we’re careful to make our story proposals fit a publication’s editorial focus.

  • Media training

    We’ve trained hundreds of C-level executives and spokespersons to make the most of every media interview. Our program helps our clients understand the different information needs of individual media outlets, anticipate questions and crystallize their thoughts into compelling messages.

  • Website concept & development

    We help many of our clients develop the conceptand content for the all-important website—that all-important first impression. We collaborate with top-notch website designers who understand best practices in website design and SEO.

  • Social networking

    We follow trends and best practices to ensure that our clients employ social networking strategies that make strong connections with their key constituents.