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Here are some recent news announcements from our clients.


Inocucor Technologies Announces New Corporate Headquarters and Laboratories in Montreal Technoparc

MONTREAL, Feb. 25, 2015 — Agriculture biotech company Inocucor Technologies, Inc.announced today that it has relocated its corporate headquarters to 7220 Frederick-Banting, Montreal, Quebec Canada H4S 2A1, effective December 17, 2014. This new facility comprises nearly 10,000 square feet and…

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Inocucor Biologicals Deliver 38 Percent Yield Increase in Clemson Packman Broccoli Trial

MONTREAL, Feb. 10, 2015 — Packman Broccoli treated with Inocucor Garden Solution® , a proprietary biological plant accelerator, out-yielded untreated broccoli by 38 percent in a field study conducted by Clemson University’s Sustainable Agriculture Program in Fall 2014. Clemson is…

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Cycle Capital Management and Desjardins Innovatech Invest in Inocucor Technologies

Investment will speed commercialization of Inocucor’s second- and third-generation sustainable accelerators for agriculture and position the company for a major round of financing to fuel its growth MONTREAL, Feb. 3, 2015—Inocucor Technologies, Inc., the Montreal-based ag biotech company that develops…

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