We specialize in communications connected to agriculture, farming, food systems, agri-tech and agri-food.  


At Wells Communications, we know our subjects and take our clients from soil to shelf. Our love of everything related to farming, agri-tech and agri-food shows through in the quality of our work. The result is thoughtful, high-impact communications and marketing programs that yield results.

Our work takes us in interesting directions.
We interface regularly with a variety of governmental and academic entities including U.S. land grant universities, world-class colleges, USDA cooperators, trade associations, and various offices of the USDA, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and other national and international agriculture and trade groups.

Our past work informs our current focus.
Many years of consumer product marketing and communications experience give us a strong working knowledge of supply chains, national grocery retailing, specialty food marketing and food labeling issues.


Big thinking

Our team brings all of our insight and experience to the table helping organizations develop clear objectives and crystallize goals into tactical marketing, communications and sales support programs.


Customer and
community relations

We understand the value of communicating directly with local communities, customers, and those who influence your world to develop an atmosphere of mutual respect and support that will continue to grow throughout the years.


Brand building

We tell the stories that make your brand unique. Taglines, positioning statements, advertisements, websites, sell sheets, philanthropy and editorial coverage are all designed to support your brand’s individual attributes.


Issues management

We use the instincts and smarts developed over years working with consumer advocacy groups, government agencies and market influencers to crystallize your views on an issue and implement a plan for making your voice heard.


Media relations

We’ve worked hard to maintain the respect and trust of the news media and take the time to make sure a writer’s interests dovetail with the news we’re releasing, carefully crafting our story proposals to fit a publication’s editorial focus.


Media training

We’ve trained hundreds of C-level executives and spokespersons to understand the different information needs of individual media outlets, anticipate questions and crystallize their thoughts into compelling messages.

Our favorite subjects

Farmland Protection • Soil Health • Organic Agriculture • Regenerative Agriculture • Bioscience in Agriculture • Biofuels • Local Food Systems • Land Trusts • Conservation Easements • Wildlife Habitats • Farm Animal Welfare •

Our philosophy

We always use our creativity, smarts, and storytelling abilities to communicate in a thoughtful and honest manner and dedicate ourselves to getting to know the audience and understanding the subject matter thoroughly and deeply before proceeding with a positive and enthusiastic message. 



AgMA Energy, a Subsidiary Venture of AlgaEnergy and KREPL Group, Gains Ecocert Certification for Its Microalgae Crop Inputs

AlgaEnergy microalgae technology in these Ecocert Certified products is available to organic growers in Asia, Europe and U.S.


AlgaEnergy and Integrated Agribusiness Professionals (IAP) Seal a Distribution and Partnership Agreement

Linkup provides access to existing and new technologies for IAP’s 33 independent U.S. retailers.


RoBotany Builds 60,000-square-foot Vertical Farm in Braddock, Plans Nationwide Expansion as Fifth Season

The company’s first urban farm, incubated at Carnegie Mellon University, uses proprietary robotics technology to grow affordable fresh produce for Pittsburgh-area grocery stores and restaurants.

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Wells Communications
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[email protected]

Wells Communications
3460 4th Street

Boulder, Colorado 80304
TEL: (303) 417-0696